Thursday, December 6, 2007


i will just find work here and get on teh cruise ship after i hit 18 like my initial plan. and im having such an awesome time here ay.....honestly, it's been great, i'm loving it, i love the people and i've made heaps more friends which is good. like everyday something exciting happens and i dunno, its home, i love it. like i love waking up not knowing what each day will bring. i love that one night i hang out with all th young french and english kids, then the next night im having dinner with all the accountants and business people. its just nuts. nick broke up with his girlfriend and tried hitting on me on friday night. he was just being so perverted and gross. i wanted to throw up in his mouth. and that american fisherman is still wanting me, dickhead. actually he aint a dickhead, its just there's this look in his eye like if we ever were to have sex, he'd be a crazed animal. he will just literally, swear to God (ask my brother, ask anyone here), stand in one spot and look at me the whole time and ask me to dinner, ask if i want a drink, what am i doing durin the week, etc, its fucken nuts. its embarrasing when i am dancing and he will stand, not dance, on the floor and look at me. he isn't that bad looking ad he's really nice to me, but he's so predictable and doesn't interest me enough.


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